Just grass.

I don’t like working myself into a political rant because it always alienates someone. I need the readership.

But, here I go again. I’ll be brief. I know we are Canadian, but whether a person likes it or not, we are all North Americans. We share a common border and a common culture. I hear a lot of anti-US sentiments, usually from folks who have not travelled much south of the border, but it is said that “Empty wagons rattle the most” and I’ll leave that one where it sits.

Welcome to de swamp.
Therein live some flowers.

New legislation in the US Supreme Court has once again further divided the US population over issues regarding a woman having a choice about her own body. It is mid-2022! What the hell? The term “Pro-life,” if examined, proves to be a grand oxymoron. ANYONE, who advocates people being denied basic rights about their personal well-being is mindless and entirely self-centred. I can tell you from my own experience that any person who would disallow safe, clinical pro-health and life procedures has never had to make the agonizing personal choice about terminating a pregnancy. You do not comprehend the pain of choosing to end the life of your own flesh and blood because of an overwhelming circumstance. I cannot voice loudly enough my contempt for your selfish uninformed ignorance.

A summer path.
Slug crossing. They’re marvelous creatures if you take the time to look and read a bit.

It is also very much worth noting, that same political persuasion which farcically declares itself ”Pro-life” is also the mob standing firmly against gun control. “Pro-life? Bang!”

Enough said?

Blackberry flowers already. Can you believe it?
The old trailer, of which I am very proud, but is now sold and the new old trailer. “Ya gotta horse in there?” I have several answers. It is proving durable and very handy for backroad wandering.
Indian plums are almost ripe. They’ll get a little darker and then they will be gone, they birds get them.
Gnombody home. A whimsical touch in the woods.
Tiger lilies in the forest.
Tiny flowers, as magic as bigger ones.
Town flowers
On the steps to the pharmacy.
A brave new world.


Finally the weather has turned to summer. I’m going to go get me some.

We don’t like to kill our unborn; we need them to grow up and fight our wars.”
―  Marilyn Manson